FIYAPOO is a brand that focuses on sound quality, founded by Tony in 2011. Our mission is to make audio products that every teenager can afford, and can be comparable to major brands in terms of sound quality and appearance. Elegance, simplicity, youth, and fearlessness are the biggest characteristics of FIYAPOO.

Why create the FIYAPOO brand?
As a teenager, Tony was extremely obsessed with rock and folk music. He yearned for a good headphone but couldn't afford the expensive cost. Since then, he has determined to make a headphone that every teenager can afford, and can be comparable to major brands in sound quality and appearance.
Why can we guarantee excellent sound quality?
Tony has studied more professional acoustic technology, and has also set up a smart speaker project, specifically for the design and development of electronic circuit solutions and professional tuning work for speaker factories in China. This allowed him to accumulate a lot of experience in audio products.
Product appearance design concept
FIYAPOO products emphasize the craftsmanship and texture of the products while pursuing fashionable design.
How is the bass and vocal performance?
It has the same good performance as Beats, but it won't be uncomfortable listing for a long time. It also has a good performance like audio-technica, crisp and emotional.
We focus on sound quality, we focus on craftsmanship, we focus on quality, and always insist on doing a good job in every product. In this impetuous market, we are willing to spend more time on product development, absolutely guaranteeing that each product is a boutique product, the quality must stand the test, the sound quality must be comparable to AirPods/Huawei, and the price must be similar to other ordinary factories. We think that's why these brands love working with us.